Tuesday, June 28, 2016


In 2005, I bought my first laptop. Back then, I was still suffering from Lyme symptoms, such as chronic fatigue, brain fog, memory loss and a host of other symptoms. My fuzzy mind couldn’t figure out how to write an e-mail, copy and paste, or save anything to a memory card. Come to think of it, my brain needed a memory card! With the help of my husband and kids, I was able to resolve simple technological problems,  but then some new techie thing would stump me and put me into a complete panic all over again. 
(I wrote about my technophobia in my post  The Mini Miracle).

One Christmas, my two sons thoughtfully gave me the book, PCs for Dummies, which helped me a little but couldn't stop the heart pounding fear running through my veins if I accidentally deleted something or couldn’t open a file. I had major anxiety over my PC!   And I depended on my kids, as my PC lifeline, to save me from my self-imposed techie hell...until…. they started saying the magic words:


And it was at this time, in 2010, that my world began to change. This was the same time that I also noticed that my Lyme symptoms were slowly disappearing. And coincidentally, it was also at this time, that I began to be aware of my thoughts.
(See Are You A Victim Of Your Thoughts? for the back story.)

For many years, I had unconsciously saw myself as a victim and my world was one big struggle. When I started to change my perspective of myself, my world started to reflect my inner thoughts. As my thoughts became more harmonious and loving,  well, guess what...so did my world! Instead of seeing myself as a helpless and fearful victim,  I saw myself as an empowered seeker of knowledge, a liberated seeker of new ideas..

And...a fully enrolled student at GOOGLE University!

GOOGLE became my teacher, professor and tutor.  My laptop became my friend and learning something new was now fun!!  Gathering information and wisdom, with the help of GOOGLE , was now easy and effortless.  And my technophobia completely transformed to a love and passion for learning.

A few months ago, I created this video of me playing an arrangement of  the popular Game of Thrones cover by Ramin Djawadi.  Let me tell you a secret: I recorded the piano, cello, strings and taiko drums on my Roland Fantom-X Sampling keyboard. Pre-recording audio parts is a standard procedure by many recording artists to guarantee an impeccable sound. Through IMovie (for Mac) I was able to sync the video with the audio. Can you guess how I figured this out?



Charles Whelan said...

proud of your accomplishments!

healerdealer said...

Mille grazie for all your love, encouragement, help and support, Chuck!!! <3