My Healing Story

In 1996, I was bitten by a tick and within two months developed late stage Lyme disease. My symptoms were mainly extreme fatigue, dizziness, depression, brain fog, achy arms and legs and Bells Palsy that would come and go.

I was tested and found positive for Lyme ( Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria). My primary care doctor at that time put me on amoxicillin for a few months. My symptoms didn’t improve so I went to an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) who put me on course after course of oral antibiotics. Between each course, I would relapse and with every new relapse, I would develop new symptoms. Along with my original symptoms I was now experiencing digestive issues,  Meniere’s disease, hypothyroidism, chronic sore throats, chronic sinus infections, chemical sensitivities,  and food and environmental allergies.

My next LLMD was more of an investigative doctor. Not only was I still positive for Lyme, but I also tested positive for other tick-borne infections such as babesia, ehrlichiosis, bartonella, and mycoplasma pheumonaie. I was also positive for Epstein-Barr virus and other opportunistic viruses and bacteria. Before seeing this dr., I was not instructed to take the proper probiotics and as a result I had an abnormally high level of candida in my blood and intestinal tract.

For the next nine years, I took course after course of antibiotics, and other medicines to reduce the bacterial load and supplements to support my immune system. After 5 years or so, the co-infections babesia, ehrlichiosis and bartonella and the candida, tested in the negative range. But I was still positive for Lyme, mycoplasma and all the viruses.  I started IV antibiotics for the Lyme and was administered Claforan, which I had to stop after two weeks due to an allergic reaction. I continued IV  Zithomax and Rocephin for the next 5 months. The neurotoxin overload from the IV Rocephin caused  painful bladder infections that lasted almost a year. And so for the next year, I was on short courses of antibiotics to treat these infections.

Deep in my heart, I knew that the conventional route would only get me so far, so, I started to seek alternative treatments. I split the cost of an analog rife machine with a friend and “rifed” for about a year. The rife machine works by producing electronic frequencies that would penetrate the body and zap the targeted microorganism. When the targeted bacteria, virus or fungi was hit by this frequency, it would vibrate to death or disablement. The problem was that we were doing this on our own and without the guidance of a doctor. So, a friend of mine led me to a holistic chiropractor who was familiar with rifing and was open to alternative treatments.

Dr. Sharon Rasa  (I call her Dr. Lovejoy!) believed in the Eastern philosophy of healing the mind, body and spirit. She also used lab, blood work and other Western methods for treating her patients. She uncovered allergies I never knew I had, (like corn, cow’s milk and gluten) and what supplements my body responded positively to. She also treated me for emotional problems that I was unaware of, and what treatments would be the most effective. 

One of the ways she tested me was by muscle testing. Muscle testing – also known as  applied kinesiology, is a form of  diagnosing a problem or priority in the body.  Kinesiology, or the study of muscles or body movement, has been around since the 1940’s. Originally, manual muscle testing was used to “evaluate muscle function and strength, and to assess the extent of an injury.” Then in 1964, and American chiropractor, George Goodheart (that’s his real name!), “founded what has become known as applied kinesiology when he linked oriental ideas about energy flow in the body with western techniques of muscle testing.” (

As a patient of Dr. Rasa’s, I began to notice that my chronic sore throats were gone,  my energy was returning and my guts were feeling a little better.  Even though Dr. Rasa was helping me a lot, I got to a point where I needed a break. I was seeing doctors consistently for years and I felt my health was on the up swing.

But during my break (the winter of 2009-2010), I had what I called a “Twilight Zone event”. My life fell apart.  I needed to see a specialist.

With the recommendation of Dr. Rasa, I found Dr. Michael Gurevich (I also like to call him Dr. Goodsoul!) a holistic doctor, healer and life coach.  Through muscle testing, Dr. Gurevich found that I had an abnormally high level of mercury in my brain, thyroid, liver, sinuses, intestinal tract and kidneys. (Most of his patients that are positive for chronic Lyme disease, anxiety, depression, OCD, bi-polar disorder or other mental disorders, are also positive for mercury in the brain.)  So he put me on a heavy metal detox that slowly removed the toxic metals from my system.

I was also still positive for Lyme, mycoplasma pneumonia, Epstein-Barr virus, candida, and bartonella.  Tests also showed that I had adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, parasites, additional food sensitivities, unresolved emotional conflicts, gastrointestinal dysfunction and electromagnetic radiation sensitivities.

Through Dr. Gurevich’s knowledge, testing and treatments, I believe that the root cause of my health issues was unresolved emotional traumas. As I uncovered and released negative emotions that were stuck in my sub-conscious thoughts (some from my childhood), I noticed that I began to feel better.

In less than two years, he has helped to transform me from an anxious, cynical, chronically sick person to a positive, healthy and more spiritual human being. Between Dr. Gurevich's therapies and the Allergie-Immun therapy (a holistic DNA therapy from Germany), I am now completely healed from Lyme and feeling healthy and enjoying life!

Presently, I maintaining good health through natural treatments and most of all, unblocking the illusions of fear that stand in the way of who we really are - Infinite Love.


Yvonne Lauer said...

Thank you for sharing your story. As a fellow chronic lyme sufferer, I can relate to your trials and tribulations. Keep sharing and inspiring!

healerdealer said...

Thanks, Yvonne! I truly believe that we all have the power to heal. It's all about finding the path that resonates with you and never giving up!

Healing Blessings!

Emily Wolfenbarger said...

Thanks for sharing! I've begun seeing a chiropractor/kinesiologist who diagnosed me with many of the same things. I'm hopeful that he has provided me with some of my biggest life answers. I'm thankful to have been diagnosed first by a "non-traditional" doctor, than experience so much of the heart ache and disappointment you first encountered. Thank you for sharing and encouraging me that I'm on the right track.

healerdealer said...

Hi Emily! I wish you healing blessings on your journey to wellness.

If you truly believe that you are on the right track - then you are!

Follow your intuition - that is how I found Allergie-Immun - the therapy that put me and my son in remission. (Look under Self-Help for more info)

Be patient and see yourself well.

And never give up!

Ron L said...

Thanks so much for sharing your health journey with this blog healerdealer!

healerdealer said...

Thank you, Ron L.! Each one of us has our own journey. It all comes down to one word...hope.

Awareness + Education = HOPE!