Monday, February 13, 2012

The Mini Miracle

It happened around the middle of August of 2010.  I don’t remember the exact date, but that’s not important. It was around the same time that Dr. Gurevich discovered that my brain was clear of mercury and Lyme. My mini miracle had happened.

Ever since I was diagnosed with Lyme, I felt intellectually lost. My neurological  impairments consisted of being chronically fuzzy headed, not thinking straight, forgetting words, getting my sentences mixed up, not being able to process, calculate, or analyze anything technical or mathematical, and not being able to organize my thoughts. It was a struggle to write a simple e-mail. I couldn’t figure out the percentage of a tip. I couldn’t balance my checkbook. I couldn’t troubleshoot simple computer quirks. (Yes, I do own a copy of PC's  for Dummies!)  It was as if that part of my brain was permanently disconnected.

Amazingly enough, I could compose music for solo piano. I even wrote a few piano and violin pieces. But again, with my processing and organizing timing out of whack, it would take me forever to finish one piece. My inspiration came from my piano students who performed my pieces in competitions and recitals. I had been teaching private piano lessons since I was a teenager, so that part of my brain was on autopilot. Teaching was second nature to me.   And since it was my own business, I could cancel lessons if I was having a rough day.

In was in the middle of August when I felt the change. My brain fuzz was gone. I began to think clearly for the first time in almost 14 years. It was as if my intellect was held captive and suddenly set free. All of a sudden, my brain knew how to collate my thoughts. My sleepy neurons finally woke up. Opinions, ideas, emotions, and experiences that were somehow lost in the black hole of my mind were spilling out onto my laptop, right before my eyes. Composing   e-mails, that had once sent me into a panicky freeze, were now effortless. I could finally navigate through simple technological problems.  I stopped using PC’s for Dummies cold turkey!

 It was a blast! It was a miracle! And writing became my passion.

So now, I’m writing – not just for the love of writing, but as a way of giving back. It feels good to share a bite with my fellow global guests. It feels right to share my passion.  It feels right to celebrate hope.

Sharing and giving is what it’s all about. So let me give you a little advice that was given to me:

Listen to your gut. You know I’m not talking about feeding it (that’s for a future post). I’m talking about intuition. A sixth sense. We are all born with it.

I had a good feeling about the Allergie-Immun Drops. I listened to my gut. It changed my life.

Listen to your gut…and it may change your life.

And who knows…maybe a mini miracle will come your way.

Till next time…

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