Thursday, September 12, 2013


Every patient that walks into Dr. Goodsoul’s office gets tested for Lyme disease, heavy metals, and thyroid dysfunction. 

“Hypothyroidism is another hidden epidemic, besides Lyme disease. And blood work is not always accurate.”

I nodded in total agreement. From my past experience, I knew that Dr. Goodsoul's  astute observation was absolutely true. During my conventional treatment days, I was given mostly blood tests to measure my progress. Besides testing for pathogens, Doc Brown also ran blood tests for heavy metals, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal insufficiency, food intolerances and nutrient deficiencies. My blood work for heavy metals, thyroid and adrenal dysfunction always came back negative.

Dr. Goodsoul suspected that I had hypothyroidism. Common symptoms for hypothyroidism are depression, difficulty in losing weight, dry skin, headaches, lethargy or fatigue, menstrual problems, recurrent infections and sensitivity to cold. I had five out of the eight symptoms – depression, dry skin, fatigue, recurrent infections and sensitivity to cold. He also noticed that the corners of my eyebrows were thin and I brought to his attention that my hair was thinning. So he ordered a CBC and a complete thyroid panel.* I was also instructed to measure my basal body temperature and take my pulse.  (Instructions can be found at )

At my next visit, we went over the test results.  My thyroid blood work hadn’t changed since my Doc Brown days. My results came back negative.  And my basal body temperature ran between 97.5 and 98 degrees F. By these results, a typical conventional doctor would have assumed that I had a properly functioning thyroid. But Dr Goodsoul is not one of those doctors. Being a holistic doctor, Dr. Goodsoul knew there were other tests that would show energetic imbalances in my organs. So he muscle tested my thyroid and sure enough, it was blocked. Through muscle testing, my thyroid also showed to be positive for mercury. He also gave me one more test – the Achilles reflex test.

The Achilles reflex test is a test to diagnose hypothyroidism. Using a reflex hammer, Dr. Goodsoul tapped on my Achilles tendon and observed the rate of relaxation of my calf muscle. My relaxation was sluggish.

As a result of the muscle testing and Achilles reflex test, Dr. Goodsoul was convinced I had hypothyroidism that needed to be treated. So he performed Neural Therapy on my thyroid to unblock my qi. (See The Holistic Dr. Goodsoul)   Muscle testing also indicated that I would benefit by hormonal support and supplemental iodine.  He prescribed  ¼ grain of Nature-Throid, a natural hormone and Tri-Quench, a liquid iodine supplement (I have since switched to Atomidine – an energetic iodine that also tests well.)

It has been three years since I was tested for hypothyroidism. I no longer have depression, dry skin, fatigue, recurrent infections and I have a much higher tolerance to colder temperatures.

My hair isn’t thinning and my eyebrows have grown back. I’m still taking ¼ grain Nature-Throid  tablet and Atomidine every morning to support and protect my thyroid. Recent check-ups have shown that my thyroid is functioning normally and I am symptom free.

Hypothyroidism was just one part of my chronic Lyme symptoms.  Every physical symptom is the result of an imbalance – an imbalance of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state. The question I ask myself is where did the energetic blockages of my thyroid come from?  How did my thyroid become imbalanced?

In the book, Heal Your Body, by Louise L. Hay, she lists the metaphysical causes behind physical problems and the new thought patterns to replace negative  patterns that lead to disease.  For hypothyroidism, the cause is:  “Giving up. Feeling hopelessly stifled.”

 The new healthy thought pattern to change this problem is: “I create a new life, with new rules that support me.”

For depression, the cause is: “Anger you feel you do not have a right to have. Hopelessness.”

The new healthy thought pattern to change this is:“I now go beyond other people’s fears and limitations. I create my life.”
When I switched to the holistic philosophy, my thoughts switched, too. Slowly, my old  thought pattern of hopelessness and anger changed to the new thoughts of hope, gratitude, forgiveness and love. Mental Field Therapy has made it possible for me to believe in my new thought patterns. Through Mental Field Therapy, I continue to dissolve the damaging thoughts of anger, fear, resentment, guilt and criticism.  

Changing my diet to an anti-inflammatory diet, exercising and immune support are also crucial in helping me to keep healthy, balanced and vibrant.

And last but not least, the Allergie-Immun Therapy, a holistic energetic therapy from Germany, corrected energetic disorders so that my immune system could function effectively, harmoniously and in a balanced state. As a result, my chronic symptoms (including Lyme, depression and hypothyroidism) have DISAPPEARED!!

*Complete thyroid panel includes  T4  Free, T3 Uptake, T3 Reverse LC/MS/MS,  Thyroid Peroxidase AB,  and Thyroglobulin AB.


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