Immune Support

Lime Medicine Tea  - This is my number one immune support that works like a charm.  It is a blood cleanser and removes pathogens from your blood. Read Lime Medicine Tea for the recipe and fascinating story of how it was discovered.

Yin Chiao Classic:  This herbal supplement can be taken short or long term for immune support and imbalance due to seasonal change. My whole family uses it and we all swear by it. We take one tablet, twice a day,  at the first sign of "imbalance" - sneezing, tickle in throat, scratchy throat, runny nose, slight cough, pressure in sinuses, feeling run down, etc. It works!!

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elzbith said...

Good Posting you may get more Knowledge.Make Strong your immune system watch online lecture and tips on internet

about immune system support the immune system

healerdealer said...

Thanks, elzbith - the internet is loaded with lots of info on immune support.

I consider my whole SELF- HELP section to be an invaluable source for immune support - especially on the emotional level.

Thanks for your suggestion!