Mental Field Therapy

Mental Field Therapy or (MFT) is a simple and effective therapy consisting of tapping on acupuncture points and consciously recognizing and resolving emotional, psychological and physical issues. Personally, I believe this therapy to be one of the most profound healing tools that I have experienced. I have overcome viruses, fears, anxiety issues, pain,  and past emotional trauma by simply tapping on specific acupuncture points. The concept of MFT was originated in the 1980’s by Roger Callahan, Ph. D., author of “Tapping the Healer Within,” and further developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.

“MFT breaks the connection between the original traumatic event and the conditioned response that is being habitually activated. All chronic conditions have an element of energy field distortion or detachment. These distortions or perturbations are encoded information contained in the energy field. These distortions are the root cause of negative emotions, each corresponding to a meridian point on the body. Tapping the acupressure meridian points unblocks or balances the flow of QI. Each point corresponds to an organ  and a feeling.”

    Here are some basic rules to help to make this therapy more effective:
  • Focus intently on troubling sensations, emotions, or memories while tapping.
  • Tap points by using all 10 fingertips. Keep wrist relaxed and flexible. Tap strongly and slowly about one tap per second.
  • Tap yourself in a rhythm of the heartbeat or waltz. Tap every point nine times.
  • Look at yourself in a mirror and make eye contact with yourself, or have somebody listen to you, to be a witness to your healing.
  • Take a deep breath after each round of tapping, notice sensations in your body, feelings, emotions, memories. Focus on them again while tapping.
  • Hum or repeat affirmations while tapping. “Even though I… (Say several negative and troubling things you are working on), I fully and completely accept myself and love myself the way I am.” (Repeat all affirmations while tapping initial four points, and only negative issues when tapping the rest.)
  • To deepen an experience, move your eyes side to side or put on glasses of a specific color.

This guide explains the MFT technique along with diagrams of the placement of your fingers on the acupuncture points, a list of affirmations and a writing therapy.

MFT has been a wonderful therapy for me in addressing unresolved emotional conflicts, (negative thoughts that are stuck in my thought process) and fears. One of my fears was feeling that I would stay chronically sick and not get well. Dr. Gurevich (Dr. Goodsoul) showed me how to do MFT, at first.  Between his therapies and the Allergie-Immun drops, I am well today. But healing takes a lot of work and I continued to do MFT on my own until I resolved this fear. I believe that MFT was a big part of my recovery as well as maintaining my health to this day.

This is an example of working through my fear of chronic sickness.  As I tapped on the acupuncture points (that are listed in the Tapping-Handout.pdf), I would start by saying out loud:

“Even though I have a fear of being chronically sick, I believe that with the help of my Higher Self*, I will dissolve this fear and be healthy and whole.”

“Even though, I have a fear of not getting well, I believe that with the help of God*, I will dissolve this fear and be healthy and whole.”

“Even though I am afraid that these treatments won’t work for me, I believe that with the help of God, I will dissolve this fear and be well.”

“Even though I feel vulnerable and helpless, I believe with the help of God, I will dissolve this feeling and be healthy.”

“I am ready to be well.”

“I am willing to be well.”

“My body is ready to be well.”

“My immune system  knows how to get well.”

“I give myself permission to be free of my brain fog, etc. continually from now on.”

“I will do everything necessary to see to it that I am free and remain continually free of these problems from now on.”

“Even though my doctors believe I will not get well, I will get well fast and completely.”

“I let go all my beliefs that I will stay sick.”

“I let go all my beliefs that others hold about my illness.”

“I let go of my unforgiveness towards all those who believe I will always be ill or die.”

“I let go of my unforgiveness towards myself because I have become so ill.”

“I forgive myself.”

“I love myself the way I am.”

*My affirmations HAD to include “the help of God or my Higher Self” because I was conditioned to believe that I didn’t have the power to heal myself.  Believing and saying that God ( Jesus, Higher Power, Higher Self, the Universe, ) was within me and helping me was essential for my healing.


I am not a health care practitioner. This blog is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure illness. Information on this blog is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Please check with your doctor or alternative health practitioner before beginning any therapy, starting new supplements or making dietary changes.

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