Allergie-Immun Therapy

Allergie-Immun is a holistic self-help therapy from Germany. It is a simple and cost-effective therapy that consists of rounds of energized drops. “The user submits a DNA sample (saliva or blood) approximately each month together with current symptoms and health issues. The lab would analyze the sample and send corresponding drops to correct whatever is disrupting the immune system function at that time. New drops are sent with a personal biochemical and energetic analysis each month. The analysis would commonly reveal chemical, biological, and energetic disruptions in the body. And the drops are designed to correct each disruption.” - The Allergie-Immun Drops

After my younger son was on antibiotics for over a year for Lyme disease, he started the Allergie-Immun therapy. Within 1 ½ years he was in remission and healthy.

I was on the Allergie-Immun drops for three years and I am presently symptom free and living a full and active life.  See  “An Intro to Allergie-Immun” and “Decoding Allergie-Immun” and Allergie-Immun   website for more information.

I am not a health care practitioner. This blog is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure illness. Information on this blog is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Please check with your doctor or alternative health practitioner before beginning any therapy, starting new supplements or making dietary changes.

I have no financial interest in  Allergie-Immun.

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