Zack's Healing Story

Thanks to the Allergie-Immun Therapy and a healthier way of thinking, my son is now in remission from Lyme and is happy and living life to its fullest.

My Son’s College Admission Essay

After being diagnosed with Lyme disease, I was clueless as to where the direction of my life would go. I never wanted to be held back, to be medicated, or to be afflicted. But I am here today and can explain the account of this struggle.  

Generally I am a laid back person, and I try to enjoy my time and desire having a job I like and  being paid excellent money.. At the end of middle school I was drawn to sports and the ‘social life’ that many students wanted. This went into high school as I played soccer freshman year and on the outside all seemed well. I had friends, I went to parties, and I played in a band that played to crowds of 70 people.                                                                                                                                              
Then February of 2008 was like hitting a brick wall. After experiencing chronic fatigue in the prior month, my mother decided that I should get tested for Lyme disease. I remember clearly about a month or so after the blood work was done and we sat down in the Lyme specialist’s office. The specialist did not look content; my mother knew what I was in for. After reading the specification sheet on my blood work I found out not only did I have Lyme disease, but I had mycoplasma, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and a very low white blood cell count.

I went from being invincible to becoming defenseless, I felt exposed, I honestly felt weak. Embracing the protocol that adheres to Western medication, I was put on doxycycline and a whole array of supplements. Life seemed to be spiraling downward as my grades began to decline. I came home from school everyday  exhausted and not wanting to be active or involved. The fatigue caused me to become depressed. And emotions that make you hate yourself created a new me. I hated it and for a while I felt like there was nothing to look forward to

The summer of 2008 was terrible, as my illness prevented me from playing soccer. The fatigue was too much for my body and I became easily overwhelmed, a feeling that became all too frequent from the beginning of  my freshman year till the middle of my junior year.

Around April of 2009 my mom looked into a new German therapy called ‘Allergie Immune’ which was helping people with Lyme disease and I started taking it. When I first went on the protocol I did not notice any changes in my behavior. Then that summer I started to feel different.. After the summer,  I began the progression of gaining my health back. My social life had sprung up again around November of 2009 and I was starting to concentrate more in school. I started to become interested in filming movies and making instrumental music tracks with my friends for fun. I was still on the ‘Allergie Immune’ medicine and feeling better than ever.
By February of 2010 we didn’t see the Lyme specialist anymore as this new medicine proved better in results. I just started having a drive that convinced me I needed to help people and one of the best ways was to become a community firefighter. It was the first time I enjoyed an activity since soccer and I was teeming with bliss. I took my SATs and began looking into colleges at the end of my junior year.

My summer before senior year beheld one of the happiest days of my life as I was in the doctor’s office waiting to get back the blood work results. I saw that not only was my Lyme disease gone but my white blood cell count had increased to the normal range. I was so happy and glad; it felt like the chain that had been around my neck this whole time was shattered…. I was more than happy … I look back and saw the corrosion of life and then rebirth…  Positive outlooks will make you enjoy anything about life that comes your way…        

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