Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hiking trail in  northern Passaic County, NJ

I always realized I had a strong intuition and I proved it once more when I stumbled upon a product that would change my life. I first heard about cedar oil insect repellents on Lymenet   (Coincidentally, the same place where I first heard about allergie-immun! One fellow blogger, 17hens, was raving about how it completely repelled ticks from her kids and her dog.  I was instantly intrigued and within minutes ordered one brand that she had suggested. And sure enough, she was right. The repellent was indeed highly effective and protected me from bug bites while I was trekking the trails.

But when I went to order another bottle, I found out that the small family-owned company had gone out of business! So I ordered another brand. No big deal, right? I figured that all cedar oil repellents were the same. NOT! I knew something was amiss when I was hiking through a swampy area and bugs were landing on me left and right. When I got home, I checked the bottle. Sure enough, this was a different formula. This product only had 3% cedar oil while my first and sadly L kaput repellent had 10%. I had to find a product with the 10% formula. I had to find a repellent with the formula that was “invented for the US Army stationed in Iraq for the control of Desert Sand Fleas and other pests in the Middle East.”   
Dr. Ben's Personal Insect Repellent- 16 oz.

And that is how I found DG Cedar Oil. I knew Dr. Ben’s Personal Insect Repellent had the 10% formula and they had a nice selection of Dr. Ben’s products. Plus, they had the best price! They had a better price than the original product, Best Yet, and a better selection of sizes. And I wanted to support a small fledgling company so they can succeed at helping to make our world greener and healthier. And, most of all, I want the world to know about Dr. Ben’s! I want the world to know about DG Cedar Oil! I’m not letting this company go out of business! Every person on this planet needs a safe, natural, economical effective repellent that repels ticks, mosquitoes, bed bugs, no-see-ums, biting flies, chiggers, and all the other biting bugs out there. It even repels ants!  Just spray the threshold or area where the ants are sneakin’ into your house and voila! No ants!

Dr. Ben’s gave me peace of mind so I can enjoy the outdoors again. I have stopped worrying and learned to love hiking and mother nature! (I also had some help from Dr. Goodsoul which will be in my next hiking post.) And I’m thankful for those brilliant scientists that invented the formula.  Watch this fascinating video of the wonders of cedar oil:

I’m so ecstatic about Dr. Ben’s that I gave the 4 oz. bottles away as Christmas gifts. And it so happens that the Christmas spirit is still with me. My wish is for everyone to make healthier choices in 2013. Even my Healer Dealer Facebook Page motto is GO GREEN in 2013!

So I have teamed up with DG Cedar Oil* and we are giving away FREE bottles of the Dr. Ben’s* 4 oz. spray. You heard right!  And this is only the beginning. I will have more giveaways in the future.  Sounds fun! Well, giving IS fun! So if you want a FREE gift… and I know you do…

Stay tuned to…you know who…

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Quotes from Dr. Ben’s Cedar Oil Repellent label.

*I have no financial interest with DG Cedar Oil and Dr. Ben's Insect Repellents and do not make any commission off of any sales.

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