Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Being healthy is a natural state, and the means for achieving it are within the grasp of each one of us”

                             ~ from the book, Your Erroneous Zones, by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Right at this very moment, you might be swimming in a self-destructive pool of negative thought patterns – and NOT EVEN KNOW IT! Dr. Wayne Dyer, my personal guru, (only kidding!) extensively examines these self-defeating behaviors in his bestselling self-help book, Your Erroneous Zones

Here's a funny side note about this book......I had labeled myself of being “out of it” for years. Well, here is a classic example of how this erroneous self- labeling came true.

Back in the late 70's, I remember seeing Dr. Dyer on talk shows when Your Erroneous Zones first came out but I didn't pay much attention to what he and the book were all about.  I was indeed “out of it!” For years, I thought that the title of this book was “Your Erogenous Zones” and Dr. Dyer was some kind of New Age sex therapist!

Thankfully, labeling myself as being “out of it” is in my past and I am now aware of all the “I'ms” that are useless and self-defeating. (See You Can Change Your Thoughts for more on how negative thoughts can affect you). When you label yourself with a negative description, you are putting energy into this thought process. Your thoughts will manifest and become reality.

All labels come from an individual's history...You could be negating yourself by identifying with your trademarks, rather than your own potential for growth.” - Wayne Dyer

So how are you labeling yourself?

Here is a typical list of “I'ms” that may be included in your self-portrait.”
  • I'm Sick.                                   I'm Fat.                                    I'm Lazy
  • I'm Afraid                                 I'm Nervous                             I'm Stubborn
  • I'm Forgetful                            I'm Anxious                             I'm Tired Easily
  • I'm a Loner                              I'm Hostile                               I'm Accident Prone
  • I'm Shy                                     I'm Careless                           I'm Not Musical
  • I'm Bored                                 I'm Short Fused                     I'm Not Athletic
  • I'm Apathetic                           I'm Vindictive                          I'm Irresponsible
  • I'm Unorganized                      I'm Immature                           I'm Sloppy
~from the book, Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne Dyer

And I would like to add a few more to the above list:
  • I'm Ugly                                         I'm Too Short                             I'm No Good
  • I'm Unlovable                                I'm a Loser                                I'm Unhappy
  • I'm a Nervous Wreck                   I'm Pathetic                               I'm Too Old
  • I'm Out Of It                                   I'm a Mess                                I'm a Nitwit

And my personal mantra for years:

I'm Not Good Enough!

Are any of these “self-portraits” in your daily thought process?

We have learned to accept these labels as normal and acceptable – but are they really? When you label yourself as sick, tired, old, afraid, ugly, fat, or lazy, etc., you are, in fact, creating more of what you don't want.

Your present thoughts create your future experiences. This is how powerful your mind is. And you have the power to change your past self into a newer, better you! But, first you need to be aware of your thoughts. Be aware of those unhealthy “I'ms” and replace them with what you do want! This is what I did and it works!

Replace I am sick with I am Healthy! Replace I am tired with I am Energetic! Replace I am unlovable with I am Loving and Lovable! Changing negative labels is not easy. It takes a lot of work and patience. It is a daily process. But it can be done. If I can do it, anyone can!

Start creating your future self-portrait with thoughts of abundance, love, good health, compassion, forgiveness, thankfulness and joy. You can change your thoughts! So why wait? 

Start today. Start right now!

Remove those self-destructive I'ms from your life and replace them with messages of self-approval. You have the power to help yourself create a future of good health and well being. 

You have the power to change your life. You have that power! The choice is yours! That's right! It's all about choices. Choose healing thoughts today for a healthier and happier tomorrow.

You are so worth it!

And in the next Healer Dealer Diary – The Damaging Game of Playing the Victim.


Anonymous said...

This is so simple that everyone should give it a chance

healerdealer said...

If you believe changing thought patterns is a simple thing to do, then it will be!