Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Twilight Zone

Are you familiar with the old science fiction TV series, The Twilight Zone? Each episode was about some kind of bizarre event that happened to the main character. Well, for a few months, in the winter of 2009-2010, my life fell apart. I could have been a character on The Twilight Zone.

I sought help from Dr. Rasa. She literally saved my life. But Dr. Rasa could only do so much.  I needed a special doctor. I needed someone who could help me get my life back together. So, with the recommendation of Dr. Rasa, I found Dr. Gurevich.

Dr. Gurevich was a holistic psychiatrist, doctor, healer and life coach. Did I say psychiatrist? Of course! Who else would you go to if your life became a science fiction story! But Dr. Gurevich wasn’t your preconceived stereotypical shrink. Yes, there was a couch in his office, but I never used it. Dr. Gurevich was more interested in getting to the root of my problem, which he did. He was a wealth of knowledge, chock full of sage remarks, remedies and solutions. And you know what? They all worked!  In less than two years, he has helped to transform me from an anxious, cynical, chronically sick person to a positive, healthy and more spiritual human being.

As a holistic doctor, Dr. Gurevich practiced and believed in muscle testing. Through various tests, including muscle testing, Dr. Gurevich found that I had an abnormally high level of mercury in my brain, thyroid, liver, sinuses, intestinal tract and kidneys. I knew this was a big problem for me. Dr. Goodsoul said it was a big problem for anyone who has chronic Lyme. Some people are pre-disposed to mercury toxicity and can’t eliminate it from their body. Most of his patients that are positive for Lyme, anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder or other mental disorders, are positive for  mercury in the brain.

So he put me on a heavy metal chelating therapy, IMP. IMP is a gentle intestinal metal detox that slowly removes the toxic metals from your system. The last time he tested me, I only had mercury in my liver. So the detox is working and I feel the difference – big time.

Just before my first visit…Wait a minute! ...I’ll bet you’re wondering when I’ll get back to my Twilight Zone experience. Just keep your pants on! You know my style by now. I’m not just going to blurt out something so profound that it can change your life as you know it. I have no intention of changing anyone’s life or beliefs. The question is, are you open to new ideas, new awareness and possible answers to having a more meaningful and healthier state of being?

Are you ready to believe in yourself, go with your gut feelings and boldly go where no one’s gone before? (Sorry – Trekkies – couldn’t resist!)

If you’re ready to believe, then possibilities await you. I believed in the AI Drops. I had a gut feeling about the AI Drops. I saw how the Drops helped my son and I knew that the Drops would help me.

The Drops actually took me out of my science fiction nightmare.

The Drops rescued me from The Twilight Zone.

I will give you one hint:

It has to do with frequencies. The Drops are energetic. There are frequencies in the Drops. We emit frequencies. We also absorb frequencies. We are surrounded by positive and negative frequencies. Many of these invisible frequencies are unknown frequencies.

I accidentally exposed myself to a harmful frequency.  Just like a TV channel, the Drops turned off that frequency and made it benign.

You know, there is more to this story, but that’s all I will say for now. That is…until you’re ready to believe in a new awareness.

Sometimes, events in our life happen for a reason. My Twilight Zone event led me to Dr. Gurevich. Dr. Gurevich helped to put me on a path of self-discovery and finding unconventional ways to good health in body, mind and spirit.

See, we are all connected. But wait…that’s another story.

In the meantime, if you want to know more,

you must be patient…and stay tuned…

for another episode of…


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