Monday, January 2, 2012

The Allergie-Immun Drops

 If you are looking for any kind of information, regarding Lyme Disease, you will wind up at . Lymenet is a place for support. It’s a place for advise. It’s a place for a cyberspace shoulder to cry on. If you’re looking for a doctor that specializes in Lyme (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor), you’ll find one here.  If you’re looking for alternative therapies, this is the place to go. And this is where I followed some bloggers who were taking the Allergie-Immun drops.

The drops sounded intriguing but, no one exactly knew how they worked. The drops were energized. That meant that there were frequencies added to them. I checked out the Allergie-Immun website to see if they offered any other information or insight as to how these drops worked. Besides explaining what an allergy is, my foggy Lyme brain still couldn’t quite understand the concept. All I knew was that they regulated your immune system so that it can function properly. 

The way it worked was that the user submits a DNA sample (saliva or blood) approximately each month together with current symptoms and health issues. The lab would analyze the sample and send corresponding drops to correct whatever is disrupting the immune system function at that time. New drops are sent with a personal biochemical and energetic analysis each month. The analysis would commonly reveal chemical, biological, and energetic disruptions in the body. And the drops are designed to correct each disruption.

Some bloggers were experiencing weird, emotional and physical symptoms, like constant runny noses for months, achy, teary eyes or rashes that came out of nowhere. Some had periods of extreme exhaustion and depression.  And some started to feel better around the fifth or sixth round of taking the drops. It seemed like many of their chronic symptoms were subsiding and possibly going away altogether.

I had a gut feeling that these drops would help my son and me. I also felt my son was the priority. I wasn’t going to let him go down the same path as mine. So I e-mailed the lab to ask if my son should continue antibiotics while doing the AI therapy. The answer was no, it was not necessary.

So, as soon as my son started the drops, he stopped the antibiotics.  My son’s progress was slow, but little by little, I saw this extraordinary change in him. Fatigue, depression, brain fog and anxiety had been replaced by vitality, contentment, clear thoughts and a sense of calm. It took about one and a half years to complete his treatment. We went to our family doctor for a CBC and they checked his CD-57 level.*

*(The CD-57 test is a marker for chronic or active Lyme disease. In patients with active infection, the specific subset of natural killer cells (the CD-57 count), are always suppressed. According to Labcorp, the normal range for these natural killer cells is 200 or above. Doc Brown had tested Zack’s CD-57 count almost two years before he started the drops. At that time, his count was in the 60 range. Doc Brown had said that his infection was active and with treatment, his CD-57 count would rise. Doc Brown said the same thing to me when he first started treating me. My CD-57 count was 12! After years of antibiotic treatment, my CD-57 barely rose).

The results of the CBC came back and guess what?  Zack’s CD-57 count was normal! That meant that he had no active infection. He was in remission. And I knew it. I could see he had more energy. He was always borrowing the car and going somewhere. He had become a social animal! As a matter of fact, he had so much energy that he was hardly ever home. It seemed like he was making up for the years that he was sick.

I believed in the drops. And I was planning on taking the drops. But I kinda got side tracked.  You can say that I took a detour on my road to wellness. This “detour” was unplanned and unintentional. My life, as I knew it, came to a sudden halt.

You’ve heard of the expression, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Well, I’m stronger today as a result of my “detour”. But this event led me to my next doctor. And this doctor helped me to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. You read right, he helped me spiritually.

For a few months, in the winter of 2009-2010, I tumbled into the Twilight Zone. I had an experience… I can’t explain.  I needed help. I needed answers. I needed a specialist. And that’s what led me to Dr. Gurevich.

To be continued….


Gator Tots said...

Do they have a US website? I'm very interested in the AI drops. Many thanks!

healerdealer said...

The AI website is on this post:

Make sure you scroll down to English translation.

You can also e-mail them at: