Monday, January 23, 2012

The Holistic Dr. Gurevich

Dr. Goodsoul (Dr. Gurevich)  believes in the mind-body-spirit connection. He believes in incorporating Eastern and Western beliefs in his practice. As a certified acupuncturist and a holistic doctor, he believes in energy centers, known as chakras, and qi (pronounced chi), which is simply “life energy”.  In Chinese medicine, it is believed that when your flow of qi is blocked, it makes you vulnerable to diseases. When the qi is unblocked, true healing can begin.

So, what causes your qi to be blocked?  Are you ready? The biggest cause is unbalanced emotions. From personal experience, I would have to say that is numero uno in blocking one’s ability to be healthy. Another cause is imbalances in our environment, imbalances in the food we eat, injuries, scars, and even being prescribed the wrong medication.

Neural Therapy was one effective therapy that Dr. Gurevich practices to unblock qi. To be specific, this therapy unblocks the autonomic nervous system, which controls organ function - like heart rate, digestion, respiration rate and other involuntary functions. This therapy was originated in Germany and is practiced mostly in Europe.

A typical visit to Dr. Gurevich would consist of muscle testing me to see where my imbalances were, what the cause of the imbalance was, testing me for effective tinctures and/or supplements that would help me, and giving me tiny injections over organs or in scars to gradually unblock my qi. The injections would consist of the anesthetic, procaine. Sometimes he added a chelating agent, DMPS, to the procaine. Yep! Neural Therapy was not one, but many shallow injections at blocked sites. And Dr. Goodsoul loved neural therapy! Why? Because it worked!

The first time that I had neural therapy, he injected all my scar sites – and I had plenty of them. I must have had 20 injections, including ( WARNING: This is not for the scaredy cats who have a fear of needles),injecting the scars that were where my tonsils used to be. That’s right, kiddies! He injected at least 4 injections way inside my mouth. OK – so it’s obvious that one of my fears isn’t a fear of needles!

And this wasn’t the only time that the good doc injected this area. See, my tonsil scars were loaded with trauma. Trauma that apparently was still with me. I have to admit, now that I think about it, I remembered my whole ordeal as if it was yesterday. After my tonsillectomy, I recall throwing up blood in the middle of the night. The doctors said I was hemorrhaging blood. They finally stopped the bleeding by packing layers of gauze in my throat and up through my nose. (I had my adenoids removed, too.) I still remember being terrified, thinking I was going to die and the helplessly uncomfortable sensation of the nurse removing the bloodied gauze from my throat and nose.

So after my neural therapy treatment, I would repeat the words of Dr. Gurevich:

“I forgive myself. I let go of my fear.  I release my fear. I accept myself as
 I am now.
 I love myself… I accept my past and let go of doubts and fear. I feel joy.
 I am healthy.
 I am well. I love myself. I forgive myself… Thank you for my life…
Thank you, God, for my life”.

As I repeated these words, I visualized myself healthy and happily walking on the beach. It is a beautiful, sunny day. The bubbly waves gently play with my feet.  The salty air tickles my nose. The sky is an infinite blue. I am a child. I feel free. I feel happy. I am full of wonder. I feel loved.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Dr. Gurevich was guiding me into a new direction in how I saw myself. One by one, my emotional blocks were recognized and released. It started to click a few months later when somewhat of a mini miracle happened to me. It’s not really a classic miracle, especially in the Biblical sense, but more of an extraordinary event that was kinda like a miracle to me!  Like I’ve said before, life is full of possibilities.

Dr Gurevich realized this, too.  Dr. Gurevich was not always a holistic doctor. When he saw that his patients weren’t improving with conventional treatment, he realized that he needed to find another way. He saw that the drugs that he prescribed had many side effects and were only suppressing their symptoms.  He decided to change the direction of his practice and take “the road less traveled”.  He risked his livelihood for the sake of his newfound beliefs. It wasn’t until he applied these beliefs that he began to see many of his patients getting well and having happy and productive lives.

“You have to go out on a limb sometimes because that’s where the fruit is.”

Will Rogers

To be continued…


Anonymous said...

I am a convert to " listen to your gut" and it does lead to sucess.

healerdealer said...

It leads to finding out what is right for you. The more you're aware of this "intuition", the more you will learn to trust it.

Does that sound familiar? Trust your feelings?

Didn't Obi-Wan say that to Luke?

Sorry - couldn't resist. :)