Thursday, June 29, 2017

How I Got Rid of My Allergies

I used to be plagued and tormented by all kinds of allergies. When I was a kid, I developed  food allergies. I broke out in hives whenever I had chocolate,  peanuts or tomatoes. As I got older, the food allergies took a backseat to environmental allergies. After taking an allergy test, I found out that I was allergic to grass and tree pollen, flowering trees, mold, all kinds of weeds and my worst offender, dust mites.

And my symptoms were the common allergy symptoms: itchy, watery, and irritated eyes, stuffy nose and sinuses, chronic sinus infections from all the stuffiness, sore throats from the post nasal drip, and debilitating sinus headaches. I was miserable!

When I was sickened by chronic Lyme, my allergy symptoms got worse. The antibiotics that I took helped my sinus infections temporarily.  Allergy relief medications were totally useless.
My true relief came when the season was over!
In the past, this environmentally friendly park would have been off limits for me during allergy season. Today,       I enjoy my morning walks surrounded by the natural beauty and ...the weeds!

But then in 2010, I decided to take a leap of faith and try a new self-help therapy from Germany that I believed could help me. The therapy is called Allergie-Immun - a holistic bio-energetic therapy that corrects imbalances that lead to chronic conditions.  

So, you’re probably wondering, how did I find this therapy?

Out of desperation!

At that time, my younger son had been diagnosed with Lyme and had been taking antibiotics for almost a year with no improvement. So I checked out Lymenet - a site for information and support for those who are suffering from Lyme and other chronic conditions - and followed some bloggers who were taking the Allergie-Immun drops.

The problem was that no one knew exactly how the drops worked. The drops were energized. That means there were frequencies added to them. The  AI website is literally translated from German which makes it a bit awkward to read and a little hard to understand. This was not traditional Western medicine! What sold me on the therapy was the explanation of the cause of chronic conditions and how this therapy can help you to  get your health back. I had a good feeling that this new and revolutionary treatment would work for my son and eventually, for me.

The way it worked was that the user submits a DNA sample (saliva) approximately each month together with current symptoms and health issues.The lab would analyze the sample and send corresponding drops to correct whatever it is disrupting the immune system function at that time. New drops are sent with a personal biochemical and energetic analysis each month. The analysis would reveal chemical, biological and energetic disruptions in the body. And the drops are designed to correct each disruption.

Some bloggers were experiencing weird emotional and physical symptoms, like constant runny noses for months, achy, teary eyes or rashes that seemed to come out of nowhere. This is called a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction.

In order for your immune system to get back into tip top shape, a healing crisis (also known as a
Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction) is always inevitable and in a way, necessary. When the immune system starts to correct itself, the toxins, that are making you chronically sick,  are being eliminated from your body.  So what does that mean? Your symptoms will get worse, before they get better. This can take weeks,  months or longer, depending on the severity of your symptoms. My chronic symptoms hung on while I was on the drops. It took me almost two years for me to feel really good.

So was it worth it?

The therapy costs about $450.00. Euros. That winds up being about 500.00 US dollars.

My son was on Allergie-Immun for 1½ years. It has now been 7 years since he was on the therapy, and he is still symptom-free, healthy and active. (See Zack's Healing Story for more info)

I admit, I was in worse shape. It took me three years to be symptom-free plus I needed other therapies such as neural therapy (to help me eliminate the toxins),  heavy metal detox , change of diet, acupuncture and releasing past emotional trauma.

I am happy to say that Allergie-Immun helped to heal my Lyme, the Epstein-Barr virus, and other persistent infections, such as Mycoplasma Pneumonia, Bartonella, Babesia,  and of course, my ALLERGIES!

And I feel very blessed to be healthy again and thinking in a more harmonious, healthier, balanced and even wiser way.

You see, my experience taught me something. The allergens are still out there. Mold grows where it’s dark and damp, weeds are part of our landscape, flowering trees are part of spring and pathogens are just about everywhere!

But I see them differently now.

I see them as just a part of our world. Nothing more and nothing less. They don’t have to bother you. They don’t have to make you suffer.  The weeds, grass, mold, pollen and pathogens  are not out to make you miserable. They don’t have power over you. They don’t have minds and they can’t think.

But we can!

And we have the power to change.

I did.

And it was so worth it!  

For more information,  click Allergie-Immun for the website,  and my posts,  The Allergie-Immun Drops,  An Intro to Allergie- Immun and Decoding Allergie Immun.


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