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“I’m convinced that all chronic diseases are caused by bio-energetic blockages. It is only through these bio-energetic blockages that bacteria and viruses can enter the body and cause physical disorder.” – Heinz Grundmeyer – founder of Allergie-Immun (Private Institute for Complimentary Medicinal Research)

ALLERGIE - IMMUN*, a revolutionary energetic therapy, corrects the systemic errors (that are identified in each analysis) in order to bring the body back to a balanced, harmonious and regulated state.

According to the Allergie- Immun philosophy: “A person is not sick because of the disease, but rather because the body is in a state of regulatory impasse. The “disease” is merely an expression of the body of this dead-end situation. Removing the obstacles that   led the body into this dead-end sick state, often results in relief from chronic symptoms and disappearance of the disease altogether. The following illustration shows a clearer picture of this process:

“You are in a strange city and looking for the way to the highway. A passerby tells you to make a turn on to the next street to get to the highway. But when you turn into the road, you end up at a dead end and can not continue. You are now blocked. The body shows this blockage by symptoms. You are blocked because of false or misinformation. When this false information is corrected, you can find the highway and proceed to a regulated state…”

REGU-IMMUNE or ALLERGIE-IMMUN THERAPY analyzes and corrects false biological information that is stored as patterns in the DNA, so that the body naturally can regulate again.  The result: chronic disorders disappear.”

Our cells are in constant communication with each other. The cells in our body are always in connection with each other. They continuously align their information. ALLERGIE-IMMUN corrects the abnormal cell communication resulting from incorrect  biological patterns in the DNA leading to chronic disorders.”

Demystifying chronic Lyme.  Why can’t our bodies eliminate the Bb bacteria, co-infections and viruses that are associated with chronic Lyme? Is it due to our immune systems being so overloaded with “obstacles” and “errors” that our bodies do not have any energy left to fight the disease?  “Allergie - Immun therapy corrects the systemic errors and disruptive patterns that can lead to chronic disease. These errors may include food substances (milk and grain), environmental chemicals, energetic blocks, biological blocks, heavy metals, mold and toxins. Chemical substances, that are stored in the DNA as patterns, are a particular challenge to our bodies. We are exposed to 80,000 substances on a daily basis, so erroneous patterns are likely to happen.  Each analysis identifies and corrects these disruptions so that your body can naturally regulate again.”

“Allergies and auto-immune diseases are caused by misinformation. When you have an allergy, the body reacts to a foreign substance (e.g. wheat), as if it was an enemy. The message says: Attention. Enemy. Attack. Then the body-owned cell formations send this allergic information to other important cells that now fight against something they believe is the enemy. Our body is actually misinterpreting this information. The allergens are  harmless substances. They are not making you sick. It’s your body’s reaction to the allergen that is causing a response.  This same process occurs in auto-immune diseases such as Rheumatoid arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, Scleroderma and so on.”

“Misinformation, leading to symptoms, can be inherited! The truth is that many errors (incorrect information) leading to symptoms can be inherited for generations. Allergie - Immun  therapy corrects the causes that lead to symptoms.”

Misinformation, leading to symptoms, can be caused by psycho-somatic factors! A person’s health can largely be determined by his emotional life. Long lasting, negative emotions such as anger, hatred or fear, can weaken a body and its functions to a great extent and cause a huge number of diseases. Man must be on a harmonious emotional level, in order to live a healthy life…Allergie - Immun therapy  can recognize the triggers of these negative emotions…” But it is up to the patient to identify and release these emotions to promote healing. And it is up to the patient to believe in this therapy in order to further the healing process.

Holistic practitioners believe that mainstream medicine does not know the actual cause of chronic disease. The truth is that the number of people with chronic conditions is increasing at an alarming rate. Is our exposure to all the fear and negativity that is present in our society making us sicker? Does the pollution in our environment reflect the pollution in our bodies?  Is it possible to overcome chronic suffering and live a healthy and harmonious life? What do you think? Do you want to live a healthier, harmonious and balanced life?

Of course you do! And you can!  The question is…can you be open to therapies like Allergie - Immun? The AI  therapy has worked for me. This therapy has worked for my son and it’s worked for Dr. Gurevich. He understands the concept of this therapy and has recommended it to his patients. He understands that chronic disease can be reversed. He understands that past unresolved emotional blocks can lead to disease. And, last but not least, he understands that it is necessary to achieve emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balance for optimal health, happiness and fulfillment.

Everyone needs to achieve an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balance for optimal health and happiness. This is the holistic approach to wellness. And this is the goal of Heinz and his research team at Allergie - Immun.

There is a solution for everything.”

All quotes are from the Allergie-Immun  Information Brochure and the Allergie Immun website     

*I have no financial interest with allergie-immun and do not make any commission off of any sales.

© Danette Whelan 2012

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