Friday, January 1, 2016


Let’s face it, we live in an ego-driven insane society in which psychological fear lurks in the back of practically everyone’s mind.  Fear is so conditioned into our thinking that most of us don’t even realize that many of our thoughts are loaded with some form of fear. Hate, anger, guilt, resentment, envy, jealousy, and so on, are all forms of fear!

We have accepted these destructive beliefs as just a part of who we are. It has become  normal to be angry. It has become normal to worry. It has become normal to be anxious. But the truth is that it is not really normal. Deep down inside, we sense that something is wrong but we haven’t the faintest clue what it is. All we know is that we are stuck in many fear-laden thought patterns that can lead us to depression, sickness, alienation and lack of fulfillment.

We are stuck.  And we don’t know how to get unstuck.

We try to escape the fear by self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, food,  etc. but this doesn’t resolve anything. The fear is still there. We try to escape the fear by being abusive to others and to ourselves, but again this doesn’t solve anything. The fear is still there. We try to escape the fear by distracting ourselves with things, but this only works temporarily. The fear is within us, it surrounds us and we truly believe there is no escape. But the reality is...this is simply not true.

Psychological fear is a belief, a thought. And I have learned that thoughts can be changed. Beliefs can be changed.

When I became aware of my own thoughts, I was absolutely shocked to discover how they were loaded with fear and are you ready... self-destruction! (Click here for my session for healing PTSD.)

I vividly remember breaking out into a cold sweat when I realized that my thoughts were killing me! My thoughts were causing me daily pain and suffering for many, many years and the worst part of it was that I had no idea that this was happening! (Click here for my session releasing a past fear thought pattern of bug bites leading to sickness.)

I realized that I had to change the way I thought and change what I believed to be true. I had to find a better way to live, think and be. I didn’t want to live with fear and self-destructive thoughts anymore.  I was ready to move on and change. I was ready to start living my life…fearlessly!!

I have learned that fear is the root  cause of pain and suffering. (See Anita Moorjani: Fear Caused My Cancer to learn more.) I have also learned that unconditional love is the greatest healer of all. (See Anita Moorjani: Unconditional Love Heals) But many of us, including myself, do not completely understand what unconditional love is. If we did, we would be loving ourselves and everyone else unconditionally.

When I started to release fears that were buried deep inside me, I began to access the love within me. My own fearful thoughts and beliefs were blocking me from being healthy, happy and fulfilled. (Click here for my session releasing the fear of "not being good enough."

In order to do this, I had to bring these thoughts into my conscious mind.  I wrote down all my fears so I could see how ridiculous they all were. (Do you think fear of death is ridiculous or does death scare you? What does your belief tell you?) And I have been working on dissolving them and letting my inner light shine through - one day at a time.

I am learning to get myself unstuck. I am learning to live my life ...fearlessly!! And most importantly, I am learning that your ideas, your beliefs are... thoughts.

Powerful thoughts.

My thoughts, your thoughts and the thoughts of our collective minds can be incredibly destructive or amazingly healing. And it is time to be responsible for our thoughts.

So I invite you to join me if you are ready and willing to change.  Changing your thoughts is a challenging process and it takes a lot of work. But if I can do it, anyone can!  We all know that misery loves company but being healthy, happy, thankful and free are just so much more fulfilling!

The first step is to try to be aware of your thoughts on a daily basis. It may be that you can only do this for little bits of time at first, but with practice, it will become part of your routine. The next step is when your mind turns to a negative thought, just “walk away” and try to think of something better and more positive. After a while, you should find that you are thinking positively most of the time. And this in turn makes for a happier person. (See Being Aware of your Thoughts for more info)

Resolve to live your life fearlessly for the new year!  Write down your fears and bring them to your conscious mind. Your fears are your inner child screaming for love. Give yourself the love that you deserve. Love yourself as if you were a new baby that is made with love and is loved completely without criticism or judgment. Try to love yourself unconditionally! Be kind to yourself. When you begin to see yourself being loved and loving, your thoughts and beliefs will reflect this and your life will happily change!

And with that loving, fearless thought - I wish everyone a healthy, happy and safe 2016!

Of course this will be continued - I could write a book on this subject and maybe I will. ;)

© Danette Whelan 2016


Anonymous said...

excellent resolution!

healerdealer said...

It comes from the heart...thank you and many blessings!