Thursday, January 1, 2015


I have recovered from chronic Lyme disease ( MSIDS) and have been symptom-free for over 3 years. In order to keep myself on the healthy track, I resolved to make healthier choices for myself and my family. 

These changes did not happen overnight. I  have never made a New Year’s resolution. I have adopted these simple but powerful ideas and goals that have helped me to live a happier, healthier, harmonious and more fulfilling  life.

    1.  BE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR THOUGHTS.  Your mind is the builder! - Edgar Cayce. Most of us are not aware of the constant chatter that goes through our heads.  The biggest problem is that most of the chatter is negative! Thoughts of anger, fear, anxiety, worry, jealousy,  envy, resentment and guilt, etc. are incredibly powerful and harmful. When I became aware of my thoughts, I resolved to change my old thought patterns to more positive, loving and healthier thought patterns. And believe me, this is      a lot of work!!! Reading books by spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, etc. can open doors to a healthier way of thinking.

2. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.  My motto is: eat crap and you’ll feel crappy!   Resolve to take out the junk food in your diet and your body will thank you for it. Numero uno on my list is SODA!  It is probably one of the most unhealthiest crap you can drink. Especially DIET SODA - it is all chemicals and water.  This is a little story about diet soda. We all know that diet soda is sweetened with aspartame. Did you know that when aspartame is heated to 86 degrees, it releases free-methanol that breaks down into formic acid and formaldehyde? In other words, when you drink diet soda, you are slowly poisoning yourself with formaldehyde. And formaldehyde (a neurotoxin) can stay in your soft tissues for years!  How do I know this? It happened to me!

Allergie-Immun (the therapy that brought my son and myself into remission from Lyme) is an energetic, detoxing therapy that picks up chemical, biological, heavy metals, etc. that block your immune system from functioning. The first chemical that Allergie-Immun found in me was FORMALDEHYDE!  I used to drink lots of diet soda. I was probably addicted to it. But this was years ago!  My body apparently couldn’t eliminate it. My conclusion was that formaldehyde was part of the toxic mix that was making me sick. Resolve to make healthier choices in what you drink and eat.. By educating yourself, you can  be aware of the hidden dangers and therefore, make smarter choices for you and your family.

3. EXERCISE OUTDOORS. Go outdoors and move! There is nothing more stimulating and self-rewarding than exercising in the fresh air!  I am an avid hiker. (Thanks to my husband!) Being in nature, climbing up a mountain, feeling the warm sun on my face, filling my lungs with fresh air, has made my inner core stronger and healthier. OK, I admit that I am still working on my fear of bugs and bug bites leading to disease. So, when I’m hiking, I spray myself religiously with Dr. Ben’s Natural Cedar Oil  Insect Repellent, tuck my pants into my boots, and I am protected.

We also walk (my husband walks and runs) in our local park. We hike and walk all year round. We just bought crampons ( metal spiked attachments to walk on snow and ice) so ice won’t stop us. I started hiking while I was still sick, by the way. My intuition told me that hiking (exercising outdoors) would help to strengthen my mind and body, so I didn’t give up. I believe that hiking helped me to get well. And now, exercising outdoors keeps me healthy.
View from the top of the Beehive Trail at Acadia National Park in Maine

4. LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION. I have found my healing path by learning to listen to my intuition. Your intuition is the first thought that comes to your mind. It is your inner guardian angel. It is your “gut feeling”.

I had a gut feeling about the Allergie-Immun Therapy from Germany. This holistic therapy was not recommended to me by a doctor. It is best described as a self-help detox therapy. 
You do not need a prescription.  I knew people who were on the therapy. I researched and learned about it and said to my son who was suffering from chronic Lyme, “ this therapy will make you better.” He started the therapy and in little over a year, he was in remission. He is still healthy and well. Allergie-Immun Therapy was the best choice that I had made for myself and for my son - thanks to my intuition!

5. BEING THANKFUL.  I have learned to be aware of being thankful!  When you start seeing things from a more positive, loving and healthier perspective, your life will reflect your thoughts. Even your health! 

My sickness was a life lesson. And I am thankful for that experience! Sounds crazy? If I hadn’t gone through the nightmare, then I wouldn’t have taken the holistic path, or be aware of my thoughts or face my fears or be thankful for my life! I have learned to make thankfulness a permanent trait. And if I can do it, anybody can. The more you give thanks, the more you will feel blessed. The more you feel blessed, the happier you will be. Isn’t this what we are all striving for?

A Gratitude Mandala

6. BEING FORGIVING. Did you know that forgiveness is the great healer? When I started to release past emotional trauma, through therapies of Dr. Rasa and Dr. Gurevich, I noticed that my health was improving. I knew this was more than just a coincidence. Forgiving others is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself. When you forgive those who hurt you, you are radiating an invisible healing light throughout your body. You are also sending healing frequencies to the other person. When you forgive yourself from guilt, you are healing your soul. I continue to practice forgiveness and  healing through Mental Field Therapy and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

7. CONNECTING TO YOUR SPIRITUAL SELF. We are all connected to a higher power. We are part of this higher power. We are a part of the higher power that is known as God, the Universe, Jesus, the Divine, Buddha, Allah, or whatever you believe. We are not separate from God. This is the belief that has helped me to heal. I am learning to believe that God is love. God does not punish. God has no favorites and God does not make people sick. I have learned that our thoughts and beliefs are where all the negativity comes from.  It is all cause and effect.

Your thoughts are energy. And your thoughts create your world. If God is love and we are part of God, then our origin is love, too!  Our souls are pure love. But our souls do not think. Our minds do. Thinking good health, loving thoughts, compassion, forgiveness, peace and goodwill, bring harmony to not only your life, but those around you. It’s a beautiful thought.

And beautiful thoughts will create a beautiful world.

I wish everyone an abundance of love, good health, beautiful thoughts and positive changes in 2015!

© Danette Whelan 2015


Charles Whelan said...

You have really said it all. We need to keep in mind that every journey begins with a single step - have the courage in 2015 to take that first step to a better life - you deserve it!

healerdealer said...

Thanks, Chuck, for your encouraging words! My holistic message is that healing is possible. And we are here to connect and help one another on our Earth journey.

But you know that already! :)