Monday, October 1, 2012


When the healing crisis passes, health returns, more vibrant and invulnerable than ever.” 
  Dr. Bernard Jensen

“Long lasting, negative emotions such as anger, hatred or fear, can weaken a body and its functions to a great extent and cause a huge number of diseases. Man must be on a harmonious emotional level, in order to live a healthy life…” – Allergie-Immun. “But it is up to the patient and skilled practitioner to identify and release these emotions to promote healing.”- healerdealer

If you are suffering from a disease, it is most likely that you also have a few past unresolved emotional conflicts that are tucked away right in your sub-conscious.  In my case, I was made aware of a harmful thought that literally became a part of my persona. Coincidentally, I began to heal from my chronic state of sickness, when I released this particular emotional block!

I had been on the Allergie-Immun drops for about three months. Within that timeframe,  ( Dr. Gurevich) performed neural therapy on my scar sites (See The Holistic Dr. Gurevich) including my tonsils. Between the drops and the neural therapy,  my qi ( life energy)  was a number 5 rapid racing through my body.

I had a gut feeling I was going though a mega healing crisis. It seemed like all my Lyme symptoms and some problems before Lyme, came back in full force. I had a continuous runny nose, extreme fatigue, rashes on my back and face, knee pain, brain fog, intermittent dizziness, short term memory loss, achy teary eyes, ear and sinus problems, unrelenting itching and sores from eczema on my right hand and feeling lousy in general.

I needed some kind of relief.  But I was in no condition to drive two hours to see Dr. Gurevich. So I gave Dr. Rasa a call and thankfully she was able to see me within a few days.

Through muscle testing, Dr. Rasa confirmed that I was indeed going through a healing process and within time it would alleviate on its own. I was prescribed three different Soluna homeopathic tinctures to aid my liver, kidneys and lymph glands and other herbs and supplements to help me eliminate toxins. She also detected that my liver function was off and she attributed it to an emotional source.

Dr. Rasa also helped me to find the source of my emotional imbalance. To my shock, this imbalance was sub-consciously passed down to me through my mother!! My mother had the same emotional block as me – but of course, she was completely unaware that it was affecting her life.  Emotional blocks can be passed down for generations!  This particular block had a negative impact on my life since the age of 14!  My emotional pain that I had carried with me for all these years was ready to be resolved when Dr. Rasa asked me one simple question:

 “Does the phrase not being good enough mean anything to you?”

As soon as I heard those words, ancient memories of my early awkward teenage years came tail spinning back to me. “Not being good enoughwas the mantra of my life. And it all centered around the emotional connection with the piano when I was a young and impressionable student.

I unknowingly became this thought, particularly when it came to performing music.  To some degree, it was always at the back of my mind! As I lay on Dr. Rasa’s examining table, I realized how “not being good enough negatively impacted my whole life! And now, thankfully, I was in a position to do something about it. Through Dr. Rasa’s therapy, I was about to finally let it go and continue with my healing journey.

  "By allowing the healing crisis to run its course and continuing to support the body to cleanse itself, we can purge ourselves of the latent seeds of past disease and disorder…the body becomes determined to remove them!

 When this healing crisis passes, health returns, more vibrant and invulnerable than ever…You earn this crisis through hard work. It comes through a sacrifice, giving up bad habits, taking a new path — cleaning up your act by replacing negative patterns with positive ones in your life, working within the laws of nature." -    Dr. Bernard Jensen

To be continued...

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