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Dr. Valerie Hunt, author of Infinite Minds: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness, was a scientist and and physiological researcher of human energy fields. She also was the first to discover vibration patterns during pain, disease and illness, and in emotional and spiritual states.

Her research led to this groundbreaking observation:

“Thoughts are events in the mind field that are available not only to the consciousness of the creator, but also to other minds. Our thoughts are not private but rather 'field-public'.

This means that you do not think in a vacuum, but that your thoughts are created from transactions with other fields. Thoughts can be passed on from generation to generation not just by photographs, print, or the spoken word, but also by the strength of thoughts remaining in your mind fields.” from the book, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, by Wayne Dyer.

Grandpa Crisafi (my mother's father), Dad, Aunt Kay (Mom's sister), Mom, Grandma Crisafi, Uncle Frank (Mom's brother) 1953

Does this mean that our ancestors’ pain and trauma can influence our present life? Is it possible to inherit health issues, relationship and career problems and not even know it?

The answer is YES!!!

Grandma Centuori (Dad's mother), Grandma Crisafi (Mom's mother), Grandpa Crisafi and Grandpa Centuori
“Events that have occurred in past generations can impact our present life experiences. Hidden family dynamics, often spanning two or more generations, may create imbalance or disharmony in the family ‘field’*. These disturbances may lead to illness, depression, suicides, anger, guilt, alcoholism, relationship difficulties, accidents or career problems for current family members. Systemic Family Constellation Therapy (SFCT)  has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness by resolving unconscious patterns. It facilitates the restoration of the flow of love between family members who are alive and those who have passed away. Constellation work allows movement toward restoring balance and well-being.

SFCT was developed by Bert Hellinger, a well-known German psychotherapist and former Christian monk. He worked for many years as a missionary in Africa. He developed his approach by observing the work of shamans and integrating it with psychotherapeutic understanding. Bert Hellinger studied and treated families for more than 50 years and his work is widely practiced in Western Europe and other countries of the world.” from
My Mom's big family with uncles, aunts and cousins - including my Great-Grandma (next to my Mom) - 1953

I have been fortunate enough to have my own family constellation and participate in many sessions. It is a powerful healing therapy and changed my life!

Here is how it works:

“A person addresses an issue in a group setting. Rather than having the actual relatives there, he/she sets up a ‘constellation’ using representatives to stand in their place. Through the ‘field’, these representatives experience what the actual relatives feel or experience (without this affecting the representatives personally in any negative way.) Destructive ‘entanglements’ or blocks are revealed. Then using the constellation, these detrimental  bonds can be released and healing attained.” - from

Typically, constellations are a group process. Everyone sits in a circle and the constellation is held within the circle. When I had my own constellation, I chose representatives for my mother, father, brother, my grandparents and myself.

My Dad, Aunt Rita (sister), Uncle Joe (brother), Uncle Eddy (brother), Uncle Jules (brother-in-law)
Douglas Economy, a New Jersey holistic psychotherapist who specializes in constellation work, facilitated my constellation.  I set up the constellation by  placing each representative  in different positions within the circle or ‘field’. Then I sat down and watched in amazement as each representative began to experience feelings, thoughts, moods and even physical sensations of each one of my family members.

I was in awe!  Through the help of my representatives and  Douglas, I was able to  find the root cause of my “entanglement” -  the strained relationship between my mother and her father, my grandfather.  With healing words of love, honor and acknowledgment,  the negative energetic burden that was put upon my mother and myself now transformed  to an energy of pure love, acceptance and strength. Almost like magic, an enormous sense of peace and love swept  through the room. 

Everyone felt this incredible shift in energy.

It was a miracle!

This new shift in love and acceptance  was not only experienced by myself, but by my family as well. (None of my family witnessed my constellation session or knew anything about it.) But the most amazing thing of all,was the change that I saw in my mother. Soon after the constellation,   I noticed that she was more light hearted and calmer.  It was as if some kind of burden was lifted from her and a new sense of security emerged.

SFCT is still new in the U.S., but workshops are slowly popping up throughout the country. Participating as a representative or just as an observer is just as valuable as having your own constellation. “All participants have the opportunity to tap into the information that exists in the ‘field’ and may benefit from the knowledge.”

Having your own constellation is a profound and moving experience. It is a life changing event. But the truth is that,  words are inadequate to illustrate the power and beauty of a constellation session. It is a phenomenon that must be experienced. So if you are looking for a happier, healthier and more fulfilling path in your life, I highly recommend Systemic Family Constellation.

It is truly a miracle therapy - for everyone!

* “The ‘field’, as identified by biophysicist, Rupert Sheldrake, is the place which holds the record or information pattern of our entire family system. It is similar to  inheriting  DNA  from our forebears. This energetic informational  field ‘knows’ the deep down realities of the family system and contains not only the deep-seated wounds, but the mode of healing, as well.”  - from

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Anonymous said...

this is very interesting, please post more information

Anonymous said...

Fantastic article. My family members believe this would be too outside the box, they don't believe.

I believe all of existence is based on vibrational frequencies and these are held (down-loaded)in our DNA and passed on the the next generation. I also believe we live in a Holographic universe, our planets, our bodies are all of a holographic nature. Thanks for posting this information!

healerdealer said...

Thanks, Anonymous - we are her to learn and evolve! Healing is possible for everyone!