Monday, March 7, 2016


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Greetings from sunny California, and thanks to Danette for letting me post this guest blog. After reading some of her blog posts, I decided to share my feelings about some of my fears.

Fears can come from many sources.  For example, a close family friend in his teen years was involved in a broadside automobile collision, where the other car slammed into his door. Although he was not physically injured in the accident, he was so traumatized by this accident that he did not get his driver’s license for 20 years after that.

Other fears can do with worry about not having enough money, or not being pretty enough.Those kinds of fears can develop from different triggers that we experience during our lives.

However, some fears can have an earlier origin.  I am not really sure how many people believe in reincarnation.  I think a lot.  I came from a Protestant background and reincarnation is not a part of that religion.  But I did get exposed to the concept later in life, and have read a lot of books about the subject.  For me, it makes sense and I can accept it.

Some people are interested in finding out about their past lives.  They may pay a professional to regress them back to a time before they were born, to get information. 

Another way of doing it is to employ a channeler, who accesses details about you from someone on the Other Side.  I happened to be introduced by a friend to a channeler who I think is authentic and accurate.  I asked her about a few things.

One was a problem that I have urinating in a public restroom.  It has been a serious problem since I was a child.  I would always feel insecure when I was trying to go and would not be able to go.  What I learned was that in a past life, I was a Spanish conquistador leading an expedition through the American Southwest looking for gold.  We were not finding any gold after many months of searching, and my men wanted to turn back, but I refused.  As it was explained to me, while I was off by myself urinating in some brush, I was stabbed from behind and died from my wounds.  It made a lot of sense that my current condition could have that kind of source.

Another thing is fear of heights.  Not only can’t I climb up ladders, but I actually get vertigo watching someone on TV dealing with extreme heights. Again, this is a fear that I have experienced from the time I was a small child.  In this case, a past life regression revealed that in medieval times, I was intentionally pushed off the top of a high castle to my death.  I do have to say that in both of these cases, these fears became less for me after I learned that they originated from a past life. 

I also know that therapy works for some people who are trying to completely release these fears but I have not done that yet.  

I would also say that meditation is good for putting you in a calm state so that your fears are lessened, and that has worked for me.

There is really no reason to suffer with major fears when you have different options for uncovering the source and working on relieving them.

I wish all of you well on your journey.

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healerdealer said...

Thanks for sharing, Ray! I found that MFT(Mental Field Therapy) or tapping on acupuncture points helped me to deal with some fears and anxiety that I believed I could overcome myself. Sometimes your fear is so deep that it is necessary to find professional help to help you heal. There are therapists that understand in order to heal, you must uncover the root problem. I find that when we are ready to heal we are also ready to accept the truth within ourselves. This truth may lead us to new beliefs. We are eternal after all.

A healer once told me that my "Lyme disease" and the fears that came with it, were from a prior lifetime.

From what I have learned through my healing, I believe it.