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"What Is The Most Resilient Parasite?"

                                                   Dom Cobb – Inception - 2010

“What is the most resilient parasite? A bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm?
An idea.  Resilient, highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain, it’s almost impossible to eradicate...”

Doc Brown was an astute medical detective. I remember one of his patients telling me,

 “I’ve been to ten different doctors, took all these tests, and not one doctor knew what was wrong with me until I came to Doc Brown.”

Yes, Doc Brown knew what to test for and what labs to use. Doc Brown had a game plan for attacking all the bacteria, viruses, etc. He had a game plan for improving your immune system. He had a game plan for getting each patient well. Sounds promising? Sounds like this could work? But there was one problem.  A BIG problem. And I never saw it until I observed my son at a monthly doctor’s visit. (See A Lyme State of Mind)

Doc Brown focused more on the disease than on the game plan to get well. You could say he was obsessed with finding the cause of every patient’s symptoms. He tested – relentlessly. As a result, his doctor’s visits were depressing and overwhelming.  True, on one hand, it’s a step in the right direction to know what you’re infected with and to start treating. But, on the other hand, it’s emotionally devastating to find out that you are the unwilling host to not one but MANY resilient pathogens causing havoc in your body. And pathogens, like the Bb spirochete and mycoplasma, have no cell wall, therefore could never be cured!

“Oh my God,” I cried, “I could never be cured!” “My son could never be cured!”   How in the world can you get better if that horrible idea is stuck in your head?


My son dreaded doctor’s visits. He dreaded getting the test results and hearing about all the bacteria, viruses and parasites he was positive for. And the truth was, he just wasn’t feeling better.

He was following Doc’s game plan.  Take antibiotics, and /or other drugs for bacterial infections, anti- virals for the viruses, supplements and herbs to support the organs and immune system, probiotics, vitamins and minerals, etc.

Sounds like a game plan! So what possibly could be the problem? Why did I have that gut-wrenching feeling that this game plan wasn’t working?  Why did I feel that this wasn’t the way for us to be healed? What was the problem?



He was terrified of ticks spreading disease. He was terrified of bug bites developing into chronic disease. He was terrified of walking on the grass! He was terrified to be outside!

But, most of all, I believe, he was terrified that most of his patients would not recover.

My heart sank as I watched the despair creep up in my son’s eyes while Doc was going over his chronic symptoms and writing out a refill prescription. That was the defining moment for me. My son had finally realized that he had chronic symptoms. Persistent, chronic symptoms that Doc could only hope to relieve but not heal.

That was when I knew I had to seek out an alternative way to better health. I had to leave this system.  I had to find a way to eradicate the parasitic idea of “chronic disease” from my thought process. And my son was the catalyst. My son’s chronic condition motivated me to go out on a limb and seek out a treatment that was relatively new. A treatment that was foreign to me. A treatment that did not involve conventional medicine. This decision ultimately changed our lives for the better.

There was no denying that Doc was doing his best and going above and beyond helping incredibly sick people and children. But the fact was that I had yet to meet one of Doc’s patients that were healed of their chronic problems. There were patients that did improve with Doc’s treatment plan. But most were resigned to their fate that they will face chronic issues for the rest of their lives.

I couldn’t accept this. I believed that my son and I would regain our health.

Within a few months, I began holistic treatments with Dr. Lovejoy and my son started the Allergie-Immun therapy* soon after. A year later, I also began the Allergie-Immun therapy. And I’m happy to report that our “chronic” days are now behind us.

Thankfully, my son never got caught up with THE FEAR.  He still loves to play a pick up game of soccer every now and then. And he especially loves to fish. But what he loves most is being symptom free, having his life back and feeling “normal” again.

Energy is life and health. Missing energy stands for sickness and death...A lot of secrets in energy have been physically and scientifically decoded…

Conventional medicine is still attached to a mechanistic conception of the world…”Allergie-immun” concentrates on the energetic field only...

From the Patient Information pamphlet for Allergie-Immun

*I have no financial interest in allergie-immun and do not make any commission off of any sales.

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