Friday, March 1, 2019


Back in 2017, I was contacted by fellow Tweeter, Scott Golden (life coach and podcaster of The Power of Perception podcast) to do a phone interview. During the interview, our connection kept on cutting in and out. I was able to talk for about 18 minutes until we were cut off. Scott called back and said that we'll do another interview sometime in the future. And I assumed that he never posted it.

Well, this morning, I happened to Google my name today (lol!),  and guess what popped up? 

The Power of Perception interview! 

So here it is and I'm happy to share 18 minutes of talking about healing from chronic Lyme disease, alternative therapies, releasing past trauma, music, teaching and thought awareness.

Just click the mike and enjoy!

Monday, October 1, 2018


I have learned that healing comes from within you. So if your healing journey happens to come across doctors, practitioners, therapies and modalities that resonate with you, and that you really, truly believe in, then I believe that healing is possible.

As I stated in Overcoming the Fear of Disease (Part 1), "In order for me to heal, I had to get away from the FEAR that was keeping me stuck and sick and find practitioners who believed that healing was possible."

Dr. Sharon Rasa, Dr. Michael Gurevich, Dr. Tia Trivosonno, Douglas Economy, and Kathy Sali are the practitioners who were instrumental in my healing and I feel truly blessed and grateful that our paths have crossed. Each of them, in their own way, helped me to shift out of my "pain body", to a balanced state of spirit, mind and body. As I healed, I became aware that the root of my illness was not physical. The root of my illness was unresolved emotional trauma, that had been in my sub-conscious since my birth. (Or before that, LOL!) When I began to release past trauma, thanks to the practitioners above, my physical problems began to subside.

I also started to notice that I was seeing myself, my family and everyone else in my life, in a more loving and kind way. I began to see my environment in a more loving and kind way. I was seeing the world in a more loving and kind way. And most of all, I was seeing my powerful and loving connection to God for the first time in my life.

Through spiritual readings and meditation, I have learned that God is the Love within me. God is the Love that is a  part of me. And God is Loving and Kind. And I believe that everything that God creates is Loving and Kind. With this new kind of thinking, I am learning to shift my perception of everything! Including disease! And to my amazement, the fear of getting sick from insect bites and germs is fading away.

Dr. Antoine Bechamp, the French scientist who discovered the cellular theory, found that germs are everywhere and "even existed inside of us in a symbiotic relationship." (See Overcoming the Fear of Disease, Part 1 for more on Dr. Bechamp and his rival, Louis Pasteur).  

Since Bechamp's time, research has proven that we indeed have billions of bacteria, viruses and fungi living in a "symbiotic relationship" in our gut. Research has also proven that we have other potentially threatening organisms living inside of us - one being cancer cells.

These cells also live in a "symbiotic relationship" with the other cells until a trigger or triggers cause them to manifest and lead to tumors / disease.

Can the same principle apply to bacteria, viruses and fungi as well? Maybe the Lyme bacteria (Borrelia burgdorferi) or even the West Nile virus (Flavivirus) are not only in insects but are a part of the billions of germs living harmoniously in our guts? Can a subconscious or even CONSCIOUS trigger (like FEAR of the disease), create the ultimate unbalance that actually creates sickness?  

Anita Moorjani, author of Dying To Be Me, clearly states that she believes that her dreaded fear of cancer was the cause of her cancer. When she went through an extraordinary experience that shifted her perspective from fear to love, the cancer disappeared within 5 weeks! (See Anita Moorjani...Fear Caused My Cancer and Anita Moorjani - Unconditional Love Heals for her inspiring story and insights)

I have learned and I truly believe, that each of our thoughts has an energetic and emotional connection to our physical bodies. And each and every one of our billions of cells is conscious of each thought! When we think that we are at the mercy of a bacteria or virus, we give power to that thought. When we think we can get sick from a bug, like a mosquito or tick, we are giving that thought POWER! And what does that make each and every one of us? 


Through my experiences, I am learning to see that thinking like a victim is not who I am. And every day I am learning to let go of thoughts that make me feel fearful, powerless and isolated. Every day, I am letting go of the victim thoughts and replacing them with Connecting to the Higher Power Within Me thoughts. Every day, I am learning to see the Loving and Kind God Connection Within Me... and within everyone... and everything. And most of all, every day, I am learning to see and believe that this is my truth.

When we take back our power, through changing our physical, emotional and spiritual body, to a more loving and kind perspective, then our health will be more loving and kind to us. By believing that we are Love and Kindness, we are creating our world that will reflect this belief.

And when we see Love and Kindness in everyone and everything, then disease will be a past memory long forgotten. Disease will not be in our subconscious. It will not make us victims. It will not have power over us. 

It just will not... exist.

Friday, July 27, 2018


Back in 1998, I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease and many other opportunistic bacteria, viruses and fungi. Some, I never heard of. Others, I could barely pronounce.      I was physically sick and emotionally devastated to learn that tiny microscopic organisms were invading my body and sucking the life out of me. 

And to top it all off, my LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor), told me that I could never get rid of the Lyme bacteria. I would always have Lyme.  I would always have some chronic issues related to Lyme. I could never be completely healed. (See Depression and Chronic Disease - A Double Dilemma)

Cluster of Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme bacteria) in my blood in 2003.
Rapid Fluorescent Antibody Preparation - Bowen Labs

I couldn't believe it!  And I refused to accept this prophecy of doom from my doctor. I had to find a way to get better and never give up until I did! It wasn't until my son was diagnosed with Lyme in 2008, that I finally went  alternative to get well. And we did!! (See My Healing Story and My Son's Healing Story)

As I think back to that time, I realize now that I got well with therapies and treatments that were based on a different belief system then what  my former LLMD,  a doctor of Western medicine, was taught to believe. (See Fear Leads to Anger...)

Western medicine is based on Louis Pasteur's germ theory of disease. "Disease is caused by specific microorganisms that invade the body from the outside." from Pasteur vs. Bechamp: The Germ Theory Debate  And of course, he was famous for developing pasteurization - the process of heating a liquid (like milk) to kill pathogens (bad germs) to extend shelf life and make the product safer for consumption. This school of thought, that germs are bad and need to be killed in order to prevent sickness, is what Western medical doctors believe to be the right way to treat sickness and disease.

At the same time that Louis Pasteur was doing his research, another well-respected French scientist, Antoine Bechamp, was developing another theory known as the cellular theory of disease.

The cellular theory is a completely different belief system than the germ theory. "Bechamp found that germs were everywhere and even existed inside of us in a symbiotic relationship. Bechamp noticed in his research that only when the tissue of the host became damaged or compromised that these germs began to manifest in a prevailing symptom (not cause) of disease...Bechamp saw the infection as a footnote to the state of illness and not the primary cause. As the person restored health through diet, hygiene and detoxification, the infection went away on its own, without needing measures to kill it." from Pasteur vs. Bechamp: An Alternative View of Infectious Disease

Bechamp also found that "disease developed in the presence of an unhealthy environment caused by an unbalanced state in the body. He held that disease could not take hold without a preexisting weakness." from Pasteur vs. Bechamp: The Germ Theory Debate

"Dr. Julian Baldor, a surgeon, in a speech before the Florida League of Humane Progress, talked about Dr. Bechamp as one of the greatest scientists of all time. He said, 'Dr. Bechamp proved that our bodies become hostess to a germ only after chemical and mechanical changes have damaged our system and that as long as our bodies and tissues retain a high vitality and resistance, a germ, infection or disease will not make progress; and furthermore, the disease organism will not survive after its entrance in a healthy organism. for an example, we see flies on a manure pile, and other parasites also. Some of these parasites may be dangerous and capable of producing disease under favorable circumstances. If however, we remove the pile of manure, the parasites disappear at the same time. Which do you think is more intelligent: To fight disease by swatting flies or to remove the pile of manure? from Are Germs the Real Problem? Pasteur vs. Bechamp

I have to agree with Dr. Baldor. I saw my body as a pile of poop that attracted BUGS! But it was my emotional health, my GERMOPHOBIA, (the fear of germs!) that started my downward spiral. I was germophobic and so was my former LLMD! And come to think of it, Germophobia is pervasive throughout our society. In order for me to get well, I had to get away from the FEAR that was keeping me stuck and sick and find a doctor that believed that disease could be reversed and healing is possible. (See The Holistic Dr. Gurevich)

I also believe that Dr. Bechamp's research laid the foundation for the alternative practitioners of today. But there is one huge piece that Bechamp never thought of or was probably never aware of that made my healing possible.  It is the energetic part of who we are. Our emotional and spiritual self defines our health!

When I began to change the way I saw myself, that is balance my emotional, mental and spiritual components, my physical being began to reflect my balanced state of being. And I could only do this with alternative and holistic practitioners who helped me to heal - without killing anything! (See Overcoming the Fear of Lyme Disease)

Dr. Valerie Hunt, scientist, physiological researcher of human energy fields and author of Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Energy Field, found in her research and clinical studies that changes in the human energy field (aura) affect our physical and mental states. When the energy field is unbalanced, then problems leading to sickness or disease, are  shown up in the body.

This is the concept of energy medicine. And it was through this belief system that            I became completely healed.

To be continued...

Monday, May 7, 2018


A few years ago, when my mom was of sound mind and independently living on her own, her cousin Ann passed away. They were very close when they were younger and my mom was really upset about her passing. So I took this opportunity to talk to my mom about my beliefs about death.

"My spiritual path has led me to believe that death is just a passing in which you leave your body behind, but your soul or spirit is infinite.  You are conscious after death and you have awareness. We are God-consciousness, love and light. This is who we really are. Heaven is within each of us. Hell is a concept that was created out of fear, out of the human mind. It is not a divine thought, a God thought - so it is not real.  And it is your beliefs, that will lead you to your next journey."

My mom listened intently and I believe was comforted by my words. And I also believe, that she never forgot them.
Mom, age 18, in 1944

On the morning of February 16th, I got a call from the assisted living that my mom had passed away. She wasn't sick. She fell in her room, regained consciousness, said a few words, then stopped breathing.

I was shocked to hear the news, but at the same time, I knew that it was her time, and 
I believe, she knew it too. She was 91 and was ready for her next journey. But nothing or no one can prepare you for seeing a loved one dead. Facing our own mortality is the biggest fear that we humans can face. We are terrified of death! We don't understand it! Yet it is inevitable for each and every one of us.

So here I was - about to face my own fear of death. I dreaded walking into my mother's room. I dreaded seeing her lifeless body. I dreaded thinking that she was dead and not breathing. Was this really happening? Was this a bad dream? A nightmare I couldn't wake up from? It felt so unreal. So  incomprehensible. My head was spinning as the fear encompassed every cell of my being.

I pulled myself together enough to be able to drive to the assisted living. The dreaded moment had finally arrived. I slowly and hesitantly tiptoed into her room. Mom was lying on the bed. She looked like she was sleeping, with the exception of being very, very still. I went over to the bed, and then something unexpected and amazing happened.

I could feel this buoyant, joyous feeling around her. Was this my mother's spirit soaring? Mom's soul singing? I felt this beautiful, loving energy throughout my body and throughout the room.  And I wasn't alone to witness this miracle. Safiya (the empathic director of the Memory Care floor) felt it, too.  And that wasn't all. 

A crystal clear vision of my mom popped into my head. It was as if she was trying to communicate with me. She was much younger, with shoulder length black hair, running through a field and laughing. I felt her happiness and light around me, and through me.   
I felt my mom's presence and sensed that she had awareness.  And at that moment,     
I knew that her spirit, her soul, would always exist.  What a relief! She would be ok. She would always be ok. And that's when I knew that when it was my time, I would be ok too.

I sat on the bed beside her and whispered through my tears:  "Mom, I love you - always have...always will.  Thank you for being my greatest teacher."

And as if a spell had been broken, the last vestiges of the fear, anger, anxiety, emotional pain and guilt of our difficult mother-daughter relationship completely melted away.  Our past drama, which was a huge part of my life, simply disappeared. My thoughts instantly became lucent as I witnessed the miraculous reward of my years of forgiveness work. My heart overflowed with love and gratitude. I was now free to choose the memories that made me feel good. I was now free to choose the memories that made me feel loved.

Mom and me on her 91st birthday.

Through my mother's passing, I learned that our bodies don't last forever, but out spirits do. We, as spirit beings, are eternal light and love.  I experienced her light and love,      so I believe it.

And I now believe that death is really a transition. Transitioning to the life of matter to the spiritual state. A new beginning and a new journey.  A journey of different experiences, self-discovery and higher awareness.  A journey of possibilities.

So who could be afraid of that?

Happy journey, mom!

Friday, January 19, 2018


Back in 2015, I welcomed the new year with my post: 7 New Year's Resolutions for a Healthier 2015. Now that it's 2018, I would like to share new insights for living a healthier and more harmonious lifestyle.

Thankfully, I have recovered from chronic Lyme disease (MSIDS) and have been symptom-free for over 5 years. WOOHOO!! And the best part is that I consider myself HEALED! A big part of my recovery was changing the way I saw myself. And with lots of work and practice, I went from seeing myself as VICTIM to VICTOR! (Click My Healing Story for more detailed info).

So I would like to share what I have learned along the way to stay healthy in body, mind and spirit.

BE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR THOUGHTS: Did you know that every one of your itty bitty cells has a consciousness? That means that each and every one of your cells is connected to each and every one of your thoughts! So be aware of your thoughts! Thoughts of fear, anger, worry, guilt, etc., wreak havoc at the cellular level as well as the emotional and spiritual level, too. Reading books by spiritual teachers, like Eckhart Tolle, Joel Goldsmith, Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay etc., can lift your consciousness to a more balanced and healthier way of thinking.

EAT FOR GOOD HEALTH:  When I was sick with chronic infections, I had to stick to an anti-inflammatory diet, like The GAPS Diet. I was also ART tested by my doctor to find that I had to eliminate gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, white potatoes and corn from my diet. (Click Autonomic Response Testing for Chronic Illness for more info). Changing my diet was an important part of getting well. Now, even though I can eat everything,             I choose to stay on a low-carb diet and I feel great!

EXERCISE OUTDOORS: One of the healthiest ways of strengthening and stimulating your inner core is to be outside and move! My husband and I hike, walk and run outdoors all year round. We wear snowshoes for snow and crampons (metal spike attachments for snow or ice) for slippery trails and we're good to go! Exercising in nature (thanks to my hubby) is an essential part of empowering my body, mind and spirit and keeping my energy flowing.

My favorite walking/jogging trail in our local park.

PRACTICING GRATITUDE: The more you give thanks, the more you will feel blessed. The more you feel blessed, the happier and healthier you will be. I have learned that every problem in your life is an opportunity to shift from an ego thought (aka being a complaining victim) to a divine and loving way of thinking (being one with God and a Victor in light and love). Being thankful and feeling thankful creates good chi (life energy!) and brings more peace and harmony into your life.

BEING FORGIVING:  Did you know that forgiveness is the great healer? Forgiving others is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. When you forgive those who hurt you, you are releasing a past negative thought that is blocking you from your inner light. We are all connected. Therefore, you are also sending healing frequencies to the other person. When you forgive yourself from guilt, you are also healing your Spirit. Releasing past emotional trauma has helped me to be aware of false thought patterns that I had created for myself. Through forgiveness, I am learning to unblock these past thoughts (ego) and see the inner light and infinite love within me (God).

FINDING YOUR SPIRITUAL SELF: I am learning to believe that we are not separate from God. Therefore, God is within each of us. God is Spirit. Therefore, God's consciousness is in each of us. I am also learning to believe that God is Infinite Love. And Infinite Love is in each of us, too. This Love is what binds us and creates Oneness. Therefore, we are One with God. We are One in Infinite Love.

God (Infinite Love) does not punish. God (Infinite Love) does not create sickness. God (Infinite Love) does not cause accidents. God (Infinite Love) does not condemn. God (Infinite Love) does not kill. 

God (Infinite Love) is who we really are.

We are all part of the Oneness of Light and Love, which is God, the Universe, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, the Divine Self, or whatever other faith you may practice. Thinking with love, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and goodwill bring harmony to not only your life, but to those around you.

The miracle of Love is inside each and every one of us. You create your world with your thoughts. So create divine beautiful thoughts and re-create your world into something beautiful!

I wish everyone healthy and beautiful thoughts now and always!

Friday, December 15, 2017


We are in the midst of the holiday season. In the past, this was the worst time of year for me. This was the time of the year that I put great expectations on myself so that, in my mind, I would experience the perfect Christmas.

I had to do the shopping. I had to decorate the house. I had to bake the myriad varieties of Christmas cookies. I had to send Christmas cards.I had to wrap the gifts and I had to decorate the Christmas tree. I had to DO IT ALL! And I had to do myself! Somehow I thought, by getting ready for the "most wonderful time of the year", by myself, then I would have the satisfaction and fulfillment of my accomplishments. And then, I could be merry.

The problem was, as you might have guessed, that I wasn't merry, or happy, or even fulfilled. I was stressed, frustrated, angry and exhausted! By Christmas day, I was ready to crawl into bed and stay there until New Years Eve!

As I look back, I realized that by doing everything myself, I created my own isolated state and sacrificed my well being. I was depressed! I had forgotten the true meaning and spirit of Christmas! I had forgotten the true meaning of why we celebrate the birth of Christ. Christ brought to us the birth of a new awakening of consciousness and new awareness within each of us. Jesus Christ brought to us the awakening of the Christ... within each of us.

The true spirit of Christmas is about seeing each other with love. The true spirit of Christmas is about seeing each other with compassion. The true spirit of Christmas is about seeing each other with gratitude. the true spirit of Christmas is about seeing each other with forgiveness.

The spirit of Christmas is about celebrating the joy of abundance! The joy of gift giving (with no strings attached), is the celebration of abundance! The joy of a holiday feast is the celebration of abundance! The joy of sharing the feast with family and good times with family and friends is the celebration of abundance!

And now that I'm aware of the true spirit of Christmas, the holiday season has become more relaxed, more peaceful, and yes, more fun! And I also became aware that this is a feeling that can be celebrated each and every day.

When we see ourselves with love, joy, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and abundance, then our lives becomes a celebration. When we see each other with love,
compassion, joy, gratitude, forgiveness and abundance, then each day becomes a gift.

Each day becomes a gift... of miracles.

I wish the spirit of Christmas be with you during this holiday season and each and every day!

Friday, October 6, 2017


I discovered Breathe Me 100% Natural Remedies by Nectar Essence at my local Dean’s Natural Food Market (Basking Ridge, NJ) and I am hooked! These delightful little bottles (.11 fl. oz.) are made from 100% organic essential oils, flower essences and pure heavenly healing power!  And best of all, they are very reasonably priced, last for a long time, and they work!

Here is a review of my favorites:


I teach piano so it is important for me to have a harmonious environment in my studio. So when a student comes for a lesson with a nagging cough, sneezing or has a runny nose, I whip out Decongest Immunity, put two drops in my palms, rub my hands together, cup hands over my nose and mouth and breathe deeply. In an instant, the room fills up with this amazing floral herbal fragrance and I feel protected! I like to share this with my students who have cold or allergy symptoms, too. Within minutes of deep breathing this healing scent, this little miracle worker starts to do its work. My student's coughing and sneezing noticeably subside and our lessons resume on a happy note!


I take this little germ buster with me when I’m traveling by plane. On my last trip to the West coast, there was a child with a bad cold in the row in front of me and a few passengers coughing and sneezing on the plane. In the past, I would worry about picking up nasty germs and getting sick. But not anymore! I use Super-Immunity to protect me and boost up my immune system. So whether I'm traveling or at home, Super-Immunity keeps the germs away so I can relax and enjoy my day. I love to share a good thing so I stockpile Super-Immunity and give it away to friends and family, too!


My absolutely favorite scent! I love the intoxicating and biting combination of spearmint, peppermint and lemon essential oils!  This is my wake up and go remedy that helps me to focus and concentrate when I’m detoxing or when I’m having a stressful day. One of my high school students was having problems focusing during her piano lesson. It turns out, she was also having difficulty concentrating when she was practicing at home. So I gave her a bottle of Focus, Brain-Boost and suggested that she inhale it before she practices. It has been a month since she started to use it and I already see a big improvement in her focus and concentration.


“Fights fatigue by increasing energy naturally without caffeine.” Sweet and citrusy bergamot, red grapefruit, lemon, blood orange are the main ingredients that gives me an energetic boost of joy! Whenever I’m a little tired or just feeling under the weather, this wonderful remedy boosts me right into my happy place.


“Calms the restless mind so you can fall asleep easier.” Let’s face it. We are thinking thousands of thoughts a day and sometimes it’s hard to quiet your mind, relax and fall fast asleep. Sleep is my answer to calming me down and transporting me into a peaceful state of relaxation. Lavender and vetiver (a fragrant grass from India) are the main essential oils in Sleep that can soothe my chattering mind and help me sleep like a baby!

For more information and an ingredients list, go to Nectar Essences . They also make natural remedies for kids, too!