Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This is your chance to win a signed copy of  the powerful book, "Nature's Dirty Needle:  What You Need to Know About Chronic Lyme Disease and How to Get the Help To Feel Better by Mara Williams RN, MSN, ANP-BC.

"If you know someone with Lyme, have it yourself, have only briefly heard of Lyme, or have never heard of it, do yourself a favor and read this book. You might save someone." - Liz (reviewer)

Thanks, Liz, I couldn't have said it better myself. "Nature's Dirty Needle", is the go to book for anyone who wants to educate themselves about the complexities and  challenges of  chronic Lyme Disease. Mara Williams is the advocate extraordinaire - pointing out   " the politics surrounding Lyme, lack of support and poor information from our current health care system", leaving patients sick and abandoned.

"In the book, Mara uses real-life stories of her patients to bring home the poignancy of this disease." - Neil Nathan, MD. Their heartbreaking and courageous stories of" finding the right provider, getting the correct diagnosis, and then treatment, proves that our present day  health care system is broken.

"There is no place for those who are ill with CLD (Chronic Lyme Disease), to get help when they are in need of more intensive support and care...It is a time for a new paradigm in health and healing. Inanna House will offer an oasis of peace, health and healing." - Mara Williams

"Mara Williams is currently developing plans for a healing center, Inanna House, for chronically ill people, especially those with TBD (Tick Borne Diseases), to receive supportive care so that they can undergo treatment necessary to get well...Inanna House integrates the best of all health modalities to achieve optimum results for each client, which includes a body, mind, and spirit connection and reintegration." - Nature's Dirty Needle

I support the vision of Inanna House. For more information on Inanna House, please visit:  and share this mission of hope!


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And that's it! Do all of the above and the better chance you have at winning. I will pick the winner on Wednesday, May 29 by random drawing and announce the winner on my Healer Dealer Page and the comment of this post. I will mail the signed copy to you. Anyone can enter! International shipping included.


Heather said...

I would love to win. I have suffered from Lyme for a while now but only diagnosed 3 years ago. With the ups and downs of the road to recovery, I was on the path going upward only to be tumbled down that hill for a reason yet to be determined. I've got time to read as I am couch-bound :)

healerdealer said...

Hang in there! If you went up the road before, you can go up again. Believe you will get well and imagine yourself well and healthy.

Do something everyday that makes you happy. Watch comedies and be conscious of your thoughts - keep them positive about yourself and others.

Friend me on facebook and contact me anytime! I'm here to help.

Karen said...

I so need to start reading your HEALING book. For the past 3 years have been the worst ever..... FIRE, homeowner's insurance not paying for full claim, broken shoulder, I was chemically POISONED from home, was on unemployment which ran out..... YES, I was once a fully functioning RN treating everyone as directed the western med way.. Now, I need to LOOK up! free myself of all these horrific that I may educate & get some rallying for legislation in my state.... I could go on & on.. I do try & make myself LAUGH.

and YES I have Lyme on top of evrything else

healerdealer said...

Hey Karen - Healing prayers to you! Friend me on facebook - Like my facebook page - or e-mail me!

Winner will be chosen tomorrow but I need to know who the winner is and where to send the book! :)

healerdealer said...

Congratulations to Heather and Nancie! You both won the Healer Dealer Giveaway Contest and will receive "Nature's Dirty Needle" by Mara Williams! Way to go!